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Crocodile Trophy 2007

October 23rd will be the date where I once again will try my luck at the Crocodile Trophy. Ahead awaits another 10 gruelling stages and almost 1400 kilometres in the heat of the Australian Outback.

Te 13th edition of the race will start at Mareeba in Northern Queensland and then go north. Near the end of the race we will cross The Great Dividing Range, the Rainforest around Cooktown and pass along the Famous CREB Track. The beach at Cape Tribulation will be the finish of the race at the scenic surroundings.

Taking part of the 2006 edition of the race was a great experience, but was definitely also an eye-opener on how it is to race 14 days in a row. Adding to this, is of course also all the little things I have learnt from living “in the Great outdoors”.

My goal by participating the race in ’07 is to try to improve my result from 2006; this might be very hard as I really felt that things were going very well (apart from stage 5) last year…

My preparations will be much as in 2006. I will leave for Australia 10 days before the start to acclimatize to the extreme temperatures in the Outback. My plan is to do a few of the last stages, with some of the local Australians I meet down there last year, and generally just getting used to the heat and getting rid of jetlag.

I’m doing things a bit differently with my helpers this year, compared to last year. First of all will my better half, Linda, not be able to support me, so I’m bringing along my good friend Rasmus. Thanks to my sponsors I have also been able to rent my own 4WD, which I think will be a great improvement compared to last year. Rasmus will, apart from driving the 4WD, also be in charge of our little camp, and making sure everything around me is working as it should. A job that is not at all easy!

I will describe my preparations on this homepage and try to update it as frequently as possible during the race.

Finally I want to thank all my sponsors: Sparkassen Farsø, Aksel V. Jensen, Road Bike Shop, GripGrab, 1900mtb and Skanroll, who have made it possible to participate again in 2007

Crocodile Trophy is a very hard and long race, and puts great demands on a person both physically and mentally. However I’m still looking forward for the race as a little boy for Christmas!